The latest champion in the ever growing League of Legends roster is growing. Take Nautilus the Diving monster for a spin.

League of Legends Champion Nautilus Released Today + Video

Nautilus is a tanking champion capable of stunning his opponents and dashing toward them. His weapon is a long anchor which he uses to pummel his enemies and pull himself towards targets and the ground. For his ultimate attack Nautilus releases a depth charge that chases down enemy champions and explodes.  The release of Nautilus marks the 85th champion available to players in League of legends and the number continues to grow constantly. Nautilis can be unlocked with 975 riot points which equals out to about 10 dollars (USD) or he can be bought with 6300 influence points (in game currency).

For more info you can watch the nifty little video below created by the team at Riot Games. The video serves as an introduction to the character and gets you up to speed on the strategies and abilities used by Nautilus. Nautilus is available now in the in game store.

Source(s): Massively, Official Site