Kingdom Hearts has always been one of the weirdest series in gaming. Who would have thought that a game about Disney and Final Fantasy characters could grab such a large and devoted audience? Nine games later the story seems to have gotten out of hand and convoluted. The editors of VGutopia ask the question: Should Kingdom Hearts be rebooted?

Roundtable: Should Kingdom Hearts Be Rebooted?

Matt Mobley
Opinion: NO


It’s no secret that I am not a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. I’ve played some of the portable games but the only ones I ever finished were 1 and 2. If you’ve played Kingdom Hearts, you know that the first one is pretty straightforward, while the second one went and complicated things with Nobodies and the Organization. I’ve recently noticed that there is a total of eight titles in the franchise, and still we have yet to see Kingdom Hearts 3, which is what I really want.


I’ve always been kind of iffy on the series, honestly. When I first heard that they had Disney characters in it, I was skeptical. Even though I saw they balanced Final Fantasy and Disney characters fairly well, I still wasn’t keen on the whole thing. I mean, honestly, each Disney level is basically the movie with Sora, Donald, Goofy, and the Heartless spliced in, but that I can deal with. The real problem I’ve had is how complicated the plot has become.

Seriously, can anyone explain to me what Kingdom Hearts is even about anymore? Eight games and we still haven’t gotten into Kingdom Hearts, and I still have no idea what Nobodies even are. Also, how many Nobodies did Ansem really have? Last I checked, the last boss in the first game called himself Ansem but it wasn’t really really him, then there was DiZ and then Xemnas. How many more did he get between now and then? Is it like a kind of like a horcrux, except you have to kill somebody and a piece of your soul materializes into a whole new being? What are they?

When I think about it, Kingdom Hearts has gone too far to get rebooted now. I don’t think Kingdom Hearts needs to be rebooted, I think they just need to release Kingdom Hearts 3.


Kem Alily
Opinion: Maybe

Kingdom Hearts combines two of my childhood loves: Square and Disney. The two main games are epic with some of the best gameplay and graphics of their generation. The spin-offs are hit or miss, mostly miss. Story has never been a strength of the franchise and the plot of the series is as convoluted as a Michael Bay film is expensive.

That being said, under no circumstance do I want a reboot. I really enjoy the core character relationships and their respective growth. Goofy and Donald “the man” Duck are hilarious and enjoyable to interact with. Riku is simply awesome, verily, I wish he was the main character to the series instead of the man-baby that is Sora. Kairi is a solid character. She’s nothing special but she adds a sense of calm and is necessary for the underage love triangle to function.  I have not even mentioned the greatness that is King Mickey, Hercules, or the Final Fantasy characters.

The characters are what keep me from wanting a reboot. If one did happen, I am not confident that Tetsuya Nomura would be able to create characters that keep their Japanese roots and captivate a larger audience.

A reboot should be the last resort. The Kingdom Hearts story is fixable and Kingdom Heart 3D will be out later this year. Nomura has said that it will be about 35 hours and will set up the finale of this set of characters. All I can hope for is that he keeps the story simple, understandable, and consolidates what sensible plot points he has left.


Joshua Mobley
Media Director
Opinion: YES

I love the Kingdom Hearts series, but honestly the canon story line is getting really confusing. After beating Birth by Sleep I couldn’t tell you what the secret ending meant. At this rate, the main plot of the story is getting so convoluted that I doubt anyone can follow it anymore. I dare you to explain to me why Ventus and Roxas look exactly the same. You know why you can’t? Because nobody knows. Even the Kingdom Hearts Wikia doesn’t have any reason why they do.

I’m not suggesting that we throw out the entire canon story line but maybe there should be a reboot with a new character and story. We could have references to the older series but the game could be a great jumping off point for new players. After this happens, Square could make sure that the story doesn’t get any more out of hand than it already has.

So should Kingdom Hearts be rebooted? Yes, I really think so. Nine games later I think it’s really hard for anyone to get into the series and understand everything that’s going on. A reboot could do this series some good.