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Hello ladies and gents, and welcome to VGutopia and our first week of Mobile Monday. Here we review and give away mobile games that you can download on your phone or other mobile devices. If you look above this paragraph, we’ve got five tabs going across this article.

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So the three middle tabs are the games that we’ve had reviewed. Thanks to the generosity of the publishers all of the games featured for this Mobile Monday are available for you to win. That’s why our fifth tab (titled “How to Win”) will give you the instructions that you need in order to win the games! This giveaway will go on until  next  Monday. We’ll update this article letting you guys know who has won and we’ll send you an E-mail or message letting you know if you’ve won.

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Lock ‘n’ Load Review

As far as 2D casual puzzle and action games go, Chillingo reigns as king. That’s why I find their 3D outings so interesting. As a publisher, they seem in their element with games like Angry Birds or Cut The Rope, rather than Call of Mini. However Gamelab, developer of Lock ‘n’ Load has helped assure me that they are more than up for the task of bringing great 3D games to the Chillingo catalog.

Gamers step into the shoes of a large yellow jumpsuit and hockey mask wearing man who wants to unleash some monster carnage. To say that Lock ‘n’ Load was violent would be an understatement. As the game begins, players will have to fight wave after wave of monsters. Monsters like zombies, large clowns, and multiple incarnations of scream.

The battles are spread across 16 levels with nine additional levels available. In addition to a very fluid dual joystick control system, Lock ‘n’ Load features characters with voice acting. Given the high asking price for voice actors, not many mobile games have any characters that can speak. The voice actors, while admittedly very silly, do give the game much more depth.

For fans of the 2010 hit Call of Duty: Black Ops, a very unique feature was brought over to Lock ‘n’ Load. In order to unlock new weapons and equipment, players first unlock the items and then purchase them using in-game cash.

Overall Lock ‘n’ Load caters both to players looking for a quick and meaningless monster massacre and  to those who enjoy having a basic story with their action games. On the whole, Gamelab has done a great job with this game, providing very exciting battles with a very simplistic control scheme. Lock ‘n’ Load is a must have for fans of mobile shooters.

Burger Cat Review

From the brilliant minds over at Ravenous Games (creators of League Of Evil) comes a new game centered around everything that the internet loves: food and cats. Burger Cat is about a Cat and its journey to regain its lost cheezeburgers, which were lost due to an unfortunate “accident” involving Burger Cat cooking with nitroglycerin. How a cat gets ahold of nitroglycerin and ends up using it to cook is beyond me, but the result is a fun yet basic game.

At its core, Burger Cat is a physics based puzzle game in which players make Burger Cat start walking and he keeps going until he hits something that stops him. As Burger Cat explores players will need to take action on the blocks surrounding him, by removing them, adding them, placing springs, and more. It’s in this way that gamers navigate across the 60 levels currently packaged in the game.

The art style of  Burger Cat is without a doubt one of my favorite parts of the game. Anyone familiar with Ravenous Games should know of its unique style of art that makes its games a pleasure to play. Another feature that I think many more puzzle games should incorporate are iCloud save games. There’s nothing worse than deleting an app, reinstalling it, and having to play through dozens of puzzles I’ve already played through. Fortunately, Burger Cat comes with iCloud save games so I didn’t feel as though I was throwing away my progress once I had finished the game.

While the game is fun to play for a few levels however, the novelty of leading Burger Cat through the world wears off a bit. At times the item placement and removal controls are inaccurate, sometimes placing items a block or two away from their intended location.

Overall, Burger Cat is a fun game that caters to fans of physics based puzzle games. While the game is solid, and has an endearing art style, the game feels plain and uninspired. While I expected more from Burger Cat, Ravenous Games has done a good job of making the game accessible to gamers of all skill levels.


Escape from Age of Monsters Review

Survival games run rampant in the app store, there’s always someone running from something for as long as they can. Admittedly, that can become a bit tedious. But Escape from Age of Monsters does a darn good job of trying to change up the pace, and it does so in a lot of ways successfully.

The end of the world has arrived with the age of monsters and giant beasts roaming the world. Humanity’s final hope of survival is the otherwise uninteresting lazy guy Gizzard. Gizzard is your typical run of the mill guy with one awesome power; he has two powerful talking gloves.

The game kicks off with Gizzard in a room “protecting” a few children from their imminent demise. Eventually the plan changes from hide, to run. With the mysterious gloves in hand, Gizzard and the children begin their run from the monsters surrounding them.  Escape from Age of Monsters has solid yet simple gameplay to back it up. Players will have to punch through both red and blue walls and ghosts, using their red and blue gloves respectably. The game is incredibly easy to pick up for this reason, and because of this makes mastering it a whole lot more fun. The levels begin to speed up and it’s very easy to lose your kids (who act as lives). But losing isn’t the end of the journey. Once the game is over, players will see how they did on challenges. These challenges offer players pieces to items that they can collect. The items aren’t for decoration however; each item gives a score multiplier.

Graphically, the game is beautiful with its hand drawn visuals. Escape from Age of Monsters was created by Jeff Matsuda, the Producer of The Batman cartoon. Here his talents from working on Batman are showcased exceptionally well with smooth animations and intense action sequences.

Something I’ve found interesting about endless runner games is a growing trend in which they create an awesome soundtrack to accompany the game (like Canabalt). Escape from Age of Monsters is no different with an epic single, titled Boost from The Binges. The song is awesome and made me feel like more of a badass, with the music on.

In fact, the boss fights are one of the most awesome parts of the game. As I escaped from the monsters, I eventually ran into a giant slug. Being the sensible man I am, I (with the children) ran inside of the slug and proceeded to punch out its insides. Once I finished the messy task, I realized that one of the core problems I have with the game is that it’s too repetitive. While changing up the obstacles from ghosts to walls to giant slugs is a valiant attempt at keeping things interesting, I think there was still a bit more that could have been done to keep me interested.

Overall though, Escape from Age of Monsters is an amazing game. It excels in most areas such as its simple and smooth controls, it’s beautifully animated art style, and its rocking soundtrack. There isn’t much to say besides that other than, Escape from Age of Monsters is a must have for endless runner and arcade game fans alike.

Side Note: At the time of this writing Jeff Matsuda creator of the game was doing an AMA on Reddit, taking art requests. Check it out here.


How to Win

So, you’ve checked out the reviews and now you’re thinking, “man I really want that game. How could I possibly get it?” Your first solution may be to save up the dollars to get it, but let me be the first to assure you that you should instead enter our giveaway! After all, following a few steps has got to be much easier than actually going out and getting it.

So let’s get going, and have you be one step closer to your free copy of that game you want.

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[dropcap]4[/dropcap] You wait. At the end of the week, I’ll be going through all of the comments and selecting three lucky winners! One for each game. Then I’m going to double check that you completed all three steps! Once I’ve made sure that you’ve done all the work, I will send you an E-mail (include your E-mail in your comment) and it will include your code!