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Considering how jam-packed the world of video games is with memorable characters whose skills in combat, problem-solving, and adventuring have lifted them to heights of near universal fame, it begs to reason that one question would inevitably be asked: who would win in a fight?

 Combat Crossover: Isaac Clarke Vs. Gordon Freeman

In this weekly feature I’ll attempt to settle such debates with the help of fellow readers and fans as I provide a written narrative of mock “what if?” battles that pit some of the industry’s most iconic characters against each other.

To decide the victor of each of these showdowns, I’ll be looking at the various weaponry, tactics, special traits, and accomplishments that have cemented each character’s place in the pantheon of video game history and (to keep everything fair) I’ll leave it up to the readers themselves to determine the outcome thanks to a weekly poll tied to each battle.

So sit back, soak in some fun and exciting reading, and cast your vote for who you think should win each week on Combat Crossover. Tune in each Wednesday for new battles and be sure to come back the following Tuesday for the results.


This Week: Isaac Clarke VS. Gordon Freeman


On this week’s Combat Crossover it’s a battle of unlikely heroes as Isaac Clarke, the space-engineer turned Necromorph-slayer who first appeared in 2008’s Dead Space, goes up against Gordon Freeman, everybody’s favorite scientist/action hero and the central protagonist of the widely popular Half Life series that first debuted in 1998.

Neither of these characters are strangers to combat, puzzle-solving, or surviving tough odds, but what will happen when they go up against their greatest threat: each other?


 The Tale of the Tape

isaac clark

 Isaac Clarke: Hair Color: Black (Graying). Eye Color: Bluish-Green. Armor: C.E.C. Model RIG. Weapons: 211-V Plasma Cutter, RIG-enhanced melee attacks. Special Abilities: In addition to augmenting his melee prowess thanks to its heavy metal exterior, Isaac’s RIG also comes equipped with two “power modules” that allow him to utilize two unique powers; “Stasis” allows Isaac to temporarily encase an enemy or object in a stasis-field, drastically slowing its movement while “kinesis” allows him to pick up, move, and even throw objects that would normally be too large/heavy for him to move on his own.

gordon freeman

Gordon Freeman: Hair Color: Auburn. Eye Color: Green. Armor: H.E.V. Suit. Weapons: Standard-Issue Pistol, Gravity Gun, Crowbar. Special Abilities: Gordon’s H.E.V. Suit (or “Hazardous Environment” Suit) can protect him from various threats such as radiation, energy discharges, and blunt force trauma. His Gravity Gun allows him to manipulate various objects regardless of size or weight; lifting and even throwing them with ease. While he possesses no actual close-quarters combat training, his trusty crowbar more than suffices to see him through any close encounters he finds himself in.


The Arena


 Subterranean Cargo Bay: Deep in the bowels of an otherwise unremarkable stretch of land (perhaps on a different planet?), this large underground structure has been all but forgotten by those who built and utilized it. Several walkways and staircases help to navigate the maze the facility’s expansive floor has become thanks to the thousands of variously sized crates that lie stacked on top of each other, cobwebs and dust their only companions.

Two massive fans built into the facility’s ceiling help circulate air as they thrum quietly, causing the few remaining lights that still work to sway and cast eerie moving shadows across the bay’s interior. Soon a small green light begins flashing next to the facility’s elevator door, indicating that someone or something is operating the elevator and descending into this long-forgotten tomb of supplies, parts, and other mysteries….   


 The Showdown

 As the elevator’s door slides open with a hiss, a figure steps out into the facility’s gloom, his heavy footfalls echoing off of the structure’s walls as the soft blue glow of his helmet’s visor swivels around so he can take in his surroundings. Gripping his trusty plasma cutter tightly, Isaac Clarke slowly moves deeper into the facility, pausing every couple of steps to look around and listen for any more signs of life.

Suddenly the elevator whirs to life again and Isaac barely catches himself as he whirls around, almost unloading several plasma bolts into the elevator’s door before he realizes where the sound came from. As the elevator box slowly ascends to meet its new passenger, Isaac quickly ducks behind a nearby crate and waits to see who else has discovered this buried facility….

A few minutes later, the elevator door hisses as it opens for a second time and a new figure emerges out into the facility’s darkness. This one is dressed in an odd orange and black radiation suit, a curious symbol adorning the figure’s chest. In its hand is a curious looking weapon and Isaac also notices a pistol in a holster strapped to the figure’s thigh and a crowbar hanging from a loop on the figure’s belt. Readying his plasma cutter, Isaac begins to circle around, hoping to flank this new intruder and get the jump on him.

Flipping his shoulder-mounted flashlight on, Gordon Freeman takes a few steps into the eerie cargo bay, his hands clutching his trusty gravity gun as he peeks around a few crates and boxes. An odd sound off to the side and pure instinct are all the save him from being splattered across the floor as he dives to the ground, a large crate careening right over his head and smashing against the far wall. Isaac follows through after his kinetic missile, firing several bolts from his plasma cutter towards the prone Freeman.

Gordon flings himself to the side, having to leave his gravity gun on the floor as he desperately rolls to avoid the plasma bolts, and takes cover behind a nearby crate. He yanks his pistol free of its holster and fires several blind shots towards Isaac, one managing to hit his arm and make a loud pang sound as it ricochets off his RIG. Gordon quickly turns his H.E.V. suit’s flashlight off to conceal his location and looks up, his pistol at the ready.

Taking a few cautious steps forward, the sound of his own breathing all that he can hear, Freeman pushes his glasses up further onto his nose and takes a few more steps. Isaac suddenly bursts forth from off to the side, having hidden in between two large crates, and slams his plasma cutter down on Gordon’s pistol-carrying hand, the weapon clattering to the floor. Isaac knocks Gordon back with another swing of his cutter, giving Gordon enough space to pull out his crowbar.

Before Isaac can ready his cutter to fire another bolt, Gordon swings his crowbar and knocks the cutter’s line of fire away from his profile. Gordon then immediately reverses his momentum into a second swing, this one aiming for Isaac’s leg. He manages to latch the hook end of his crowbar around Isaac’s ankle and with a hard yank sends Isaac crashing to the ground on his back.

Gordon tries to smash Isaac’s helmet with an overhead swing but Isaac manages to block the blow with his cutter and shoves Gordon away with a hard kick. Stumbling back, Gordon spots his gravity gun on the floor and races to grab it before Isaac can recover. Isaac in turn desperately scrambles to his feet, readying a stasis blast and trying to aim it at Gordon, hoping he can get a bead on his opponent before Gordon reaches his own weapon…


And the winner is…..

Isaac fires his stasis blast but the energy sails harmlessly over Gordon’s head as he leaps, rolls, and recovers his gravity gun. Isaac tries to fire off a few more plasma bolts but a well-aimed blast from Gordon’s gravity gun rips the cutter from Isaac’s hand and sends it skidding across the floor.

Isaac tenses as another shot from Gordon’s weapon causes his limbs and muscles to lock up and Gordon looks to the facility’s ceiling, noticing the large spinning fans. Isaac barely manages to look up and comprehend what’s about to happen before Gordon yanks his gravity gun in an upwards motion, causing Isaac to hurtle upwards and straight into the fan, his dismembered limbs scattering across the fan tunnel’s walls.

Breathing heavily, Gordon lowers his gravity gun and pushes his glasses up further onto his nose as he switches his H.E.V. flashlight back on. Recovering his pistol and crowbar, he resumes his search of the abandoned facility, the soft hum of the fans his only companion….

 Winner: Gordon Freeman!

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