PSN users have a treat incoming. Machinarium the hit point and click puzzle game originally for PC, and mobile gamers is hitting PSN this Tuesday.

The game will cost gamers $9.99 to download. According the Amanita Design, a PlayStation Vita port of the game is also in the works with no set release date.

Machinarium follows the story of  Josef a robot who is left disassemled in a scrap heap. Josef assembles himself, and sets out to a city where he discovers a plot involving the destruction of a tower. What makes Machinarium’s story so interesting however is that the story is conveyed with no written or spoken dialogue (excluding a few tutorial screens).

The game has an 85 Metacritic score, so if you haven’t yet tried out the game mark October 9th for some robotic puzzle action. Or if you’re more at home with a keyboard and mouse, Machinarium is also available on Steam.

Via Joystiq