Brick-Force is a sandbox shooter game from EXE Games and Infernum.

Having released back in July, this gaming isn’t exactly news, but their newest update is literally taking the game to new heights.

The game revolves around have users create maps that players then fight each other in. The graphics style is fairly similar to that of Minecraft, with headshots even being called “brick shots”.

Weapons in Brick-Force come in the typical melee, gun (primary and secondary) and grenade variety, and as with many free-to-play shooters, guns can be purchased for periods of time via in-game currency which can be purchased or earned by playing.

The game is built on the Unity 3D engine and is playable via browser or a small downloadable client, making it a great casual laptop game.

The newest update has added adjustable gravity and many sci-fi bricks to the map building suite. It also allows players to dress up like astronauts or in other sci-fi costumes and even use a bunch of new weapons that could only be used in space.

Being fairly simple in concept and playable in the browser, Brick-Force is certainly worth a look in your spare time.