In general, I hate when people compare computers to consoles. In my opinion, it really is equivalent to comparing apples to oranges, or even Apples to PCs. But when a company chooses to release a game on both platforms, comparing the two is inevitable.

Valve has a history of neglecting the games they publish on consoles (see Team Fortress 2), but I was hoping they would have learned from their past mistakes and not force console players to miss out on patches, let alone new maps. It turns out, the company has done no such thing with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. There has already been a major update to the game on PC, but those who bought the game on consoles, including myself have been left out. This update brought two new maps to the game.

People wanting to play the new maps, as well as any future maps that would come out are now left with two options. The first is to buckle down and buy the game on PC, assuming they have a computer that can handle the game. Otherwise, they are stuck playing on their console, patiently waiting to see if Valve recognizes that they invested in the game at all.

While I realize that console patches cost a lot thanks to Microsoft and Sony, there is still no excuse, in my opinion, to neglect a whole section of gamers that have purchased your game, Valve. It is not as if this was a small update. New maps is a pretty big deal, and any platform should not be left out of a major update such as this.

So, for this game at least, PC is certainly winning the war, getting big updates and leaving consoles in the dust. Maybe Valve should just forget about putting their games on consoles at all and focus on brining even more greatness to PCs.