With the next generation of consoles coming very soon, we here at VGutopia have decided to take a look at the top things that we want to see in the next iterations of PlayStation and Xbox. Last week we took a look at the PlayStation 4 and this week we are going to sound off on the next Xbox. Here are the top five things we want to see from the next Xbox.

5. Xbox Live Gold Competing with PS+

Xbox Live Gold

Xbox Live has been one of the main reasons that the Xbox 360 has narrowly defeated the PlayStation 3 in this console cycle and why many multiplatform games are more popular on the 360. However,  Sony has gained a significant amount of ground on Microsoft with the advent of PlayStation Plus, subscription service that offers gamers tons of content like full length games, early demos, and more.

Xbox Live has been a paid subscription service since it began (you can download without subscribing but to play online and do other things you need to subscribe) and until now, its significant advantage has made that price justifiable for many gamers. However, now that PlayStation is not only offering gaming for free but tons of full length games and more for paid subscribers, Microsoft might want to take note and expand Xbox Live to make it more appealing.

4. More Open to Game Patches

Team Fortress 2

Microsoft prides itself on keeping very high standards for the content that is put on its system and while that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can lead to some problems with things like DLC and game patches. A game like Team Fortress 2 is much different on the Xbox 360 than it is on the PC because the PC version gets tons of free patches that Microsoft won’t allow.

Even a game like Fez, which had a patch that ended up causing trouble, fell victim to a “we want more money from you to patch the game” response from Microsoft that led to the game being left unpatched. These policies only hurt Microsoft’s reputation among gamers so why not re-think them?

3. Fewer Ads on the Dashboard

Xbox Ads

The Xbox dashboard is littered with advertisements and featured content that is so well incorporated, that many gamers might not even realize just how much screen real estate is being used up for advertisements. While ads are inevitable on the dashboard, the games, system settings, and other Xbox 360-related information should be front and center in the experience.

We would like to see a re-design that incorporates some of the featured content in areas where the actual menu options are now and the menu options where the featured content is. It is basically the opposite of how it should be right now and we’d like to see that change.

2. External Hard Drives

Xbox 360 Hard Drive

Microsoft has never been big on the use of third party equipment with its hardware but we would like to see some external hard drive functionality going forward. The proprietary hard drives are extremely expensive and sometimes have too much room for what we need. Something in the middle would be helpful and allowing us to plug in an external hard drive can give us something in the middle.

It would also be nice to have the option to add more memory capacity to our repertoire by being able to dump memory files that aren’t used frequently into an external hard drive. A removable hard drive is an absolute must and the ease of the version 1 Xbox 360’s removable hard drive is preferred.

1. Money Instead of Points

MS Points

Microsoft Points are an elaborate way to get gamers to spend more money than they want for DLC, full games, avatar items, and more. By converting money into points and then only allowing the purchase of a few different sized points bundles, Microsoft has made Xbox gamers buy more points than they want and what is left over can’t really be used.

The PlayStation uses a money system that bills the credit card the exact amount of the purchase and that seems the most fair to gamers. Microsoft should start thinking about using that instead of points so that its users don’t feel used when they have 100 points just sitting in their account.

Those are the top five things that we want to see from the next Xbox console. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Additional Help: Scott Peltz