Dead Space 3 will support Kinect voice commands

For Dead Space 3 fans who were thinking of picking the game up for Xbox 360 when it releases next February, the list of incentives just got a little bit longer as EA has confirmed the Xbox 360 version will include Kinect voice command support.

EA and Dead Space 3 executive producer Steve Papoutsis debuted the new Kinect voice commands at a showcase last week. Using voice commands, the player can have protagonists Isaac and Carver share items with each other by saying things like “give Stasis” or “share ammo.” The voice commands are also useful when two players are playing couch co-op together as one player can heal and give items to the other without even needing a controller of their own.

Despite the rather lukewarm reception it has received, this might be one instance where having a Kinect actually pays off. We’ll just have to wait until next February to find out for certain.

Source: Joystiq