World of Warcraft and Starcraft II developer Blizzard has been keeping their next big project, codenamed “Titan”, tightly under wraps ever since confirmation of its existence was leaked onto the internet roughly a year ago. All Blizzard was willing to reveal is that Titan would not be a new entry in any of their major existing franchises (Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft) but if recent rumors are to be believed, Blizzard may have been trying to fool us all.

According to the Titan Focus fan site, a user who goes by the alias of “alphaNoid” who also claims to have inside info on Titan’s development, has made several statements claiming that not only is Titan an MMO that’s set within an existing Blizzard franchise (not Warcraft), but that it is also slated to be released on both PC and the next-gen Xbox console.

The folks over at Titan Focus are careful to clarify that alphaNoid’s claims are nothing more than speculation and rumors at this point and even alphaNoid himself admits that Blizzard is unlikely to reveal any new info about Titan until early 2014.

You can check out alphaNoid’s statements yourself at Titan Focus’s website here.

Source: Massively