xbox 720

E3 2013 is half a year away but apparently Major Nelson feel the need to start counting down the days now.

Larry Hyrb better known as Major Nelson has updated his blog with a countdown to the Microsoft Press conference at E3 2013. Above the countdown are the words “and it’s on” not sure what it is supposed to imply. Microsoft is expected to reveal its long rumored Project Durango console this year and release it by the holiday season of 2013. The statement above the countdown could be a tease for the new console which has gone by many names during its trip around the rumor mill: The Xbox, Xbox 8, Xbox infinity, Xbox 720, and Durango just to name a few. Not much is known about the new console other then the fact that it will play games and will most likely take the “center of your living room” approach boasting many new media options. The console is also long rumored to come with a kinect camera that is more advance then the previous one sold for the Xbox 360. Only time will tell and by the look of this clock we still have over 150 days.

Source(s): Major Nelsons Blog