No longer content with providing PC gamers with prettier graphics, Nvidia has officially stepped into the portable gaming scene with the debut of their new mobile device Project Shield, a handheld gaming device capable of running both PC and Android games.

The device, which Nvidia revealed at CES 2013, consists of a standard twin-stick controller with a mounted 5-inch flip top ‘retinal display’ touch screen which can handle resolutions up to 1280×720 HD. If you prefer playing on a big screen the device can also be hooked up to a standard television and is even compatible with Steam’s Big Picture mode.

Using Project Shield, players can access Android games on both Google Play and Nvidia TegraZone as well as stream both standard PC and Steam games. Android video apps such as Hulu and Netflix will also be supported.

Under its hood the device packs an all new Tegra 4 processing chip which Nvidia claims can deliver up to six times greater visual output than the Tegra 3 which is currently found in Microsoft Surface tablets. HDMI, headphone, mini-USB, and microSD slots are also fitted into the device.

Both Nvidia and Engadget report that Project Shield can handle up to 10 hours of gaming or 24 hours of video playing on a single battery charge using the device’s internal battery.

No price has been set for Project Shield at this time but Nvidia has stated that they plan to release it to the public in the second quarter of 2013.

Source: Gameinformer