What if the controller for the PlayStation 4 is the Vita?

There has been lots of speculation coming out of both Sony and Microsoft lately about their next generation consoles. With Nintendo having already broken into the tablet scene with the Wii U, Microsoft and Sony seem eager to do the same. Microsoft has smart glass which allows people to connect their windows tablets or phones to their Xbox and gain access to other features. Sony has also experimented with this feature allowing users to connect their PlayStation Vita to their PlayStation 3 console and play games like Little Big Planet with extra features. The cross controller support available in Little Big Planet pretty much emulates what the Wii U is doing. But why abandon the dual Shock? It’s iconic and it works well. Sony is going to want to compete with Nintendo and Microsoft especially after the rough beginning for the PlayStation 3, they need to get crazy and include something amazing in the box. Something that makes the average gamer not only wants to get a PlayStation 4 but feel like they have to have it.


Lets try and avoid this at all costs

It’s obvious this is a feature people want, and one that companies really want to get behind right now. A few years after the Wii was release Sony and Microsoft tried to create their own motion controllers. Microsoft created the Kinect and Sony released the PlayStation Move. Unfortunately for Sony the Move didn’t really take off like they wanted it to. Microsoft on the other hand has had lots of success with kinect, so much so most of the rumors about the next Xbox reference the next kinect being available right out of the box. So what if Sony decided to pack the vita in with the PlayStation 4? I do love the Dual Shock but if Sony were to replace it with the Vita I wouldn’t mind, the dual shock already has all of the necessary part and buttons to be a controller with the added bonus of the microphones, touch screen, and cameras.

playstation vita

Could this be the controller of the future?

I know what you’re thinking, there’s no way, but think about it for just a second. The PlayStation vita has all of the same features the Wii U gamepad as well as the dual shock. Rumors have been flying around that Sony plans to abandon the Dual Shock design with the PlayStation 4, why not replace it with the Vita? Microsoft already plans to include the kinect with the next Xbox; Sony should adopt this strategy as well especially if they want to push the Vita more. Sony even announced that the Vita is selling at the low end of expectations. More and more titles are also receiving crossbuy and crossplay features, Sony is even giving away the vita versions for games for free in some cases. This means that a lot of PlayStation gamers would already have a small collection of vita games. Putting the console in the box would also allow Sony to move more consoles and sell more Vita games as well. With Sony finally getting back to a profitable status it might not be such a bad idea to throw in a vita and finally live the dream of remote play console games.