A quartet of vets from recently-shuttered Studio Liverpool have banded together to form Sawfly Studios, with their debut mobile and tablet offering due in the next month or two.

Known most recently for their work on the WipEout series of futuristic racers, Sony closed the doors on Studio Liverpool in 2012, ending a 28-year legacy for the studio originally known as Psygnosis. Their history lay mostly in the realm of racing games, with titles such as Motorstorm and the original PlayStation release RollCage under Liverpool’s belt.

While details are scant regarding the nature of Sawfly’s project, which is being published by the UK-based Ripstone, Sawfly managing director Mike Humphrey has cited it as a “change of direction,” indicating they may not have another racer in the pipeline, at least not at this point in time.

Humphrey also mentioned that, while only a few of Studio Liverpool’s employees have moved on to Sawfly, the bulk of their former team have found new employment in other areas of the game industry. Additionally, he made it clear that Studio Liverpool vets bore no ill will toward their former parent company, Sony, given the current, tumultuous status of the games industry as a whole. Despite the fall of a nearly three-decade dynasty, it would appear Studio Liverpool’s experience and expertise will live on and continue to be a driving force in videogames.

Source: BBC News