Recently established freebie fest The Free Bundle hasn’t even been around for a full month, but they’re already showcasing their second set of free indie titles. For the next week and a half, they’re spotlighting Under The Garden, Zineth, Blitz Meet, A Nation Of Wind, and Mad Father.

Originally brought about to raise awareness of free games that may have been overlooked, The Free Bundle has adopted the typical five-game structure of other, pay-what-you-want indie bundles, minus the pay aspect. Featured games are given brief rundowns and trailers, which you can click each title’s box art to read, and are linked individually for download rather than being obtained in one massive batch.  Each description also features links to its respective game’s website or creator’s site, so proper credit can be given, as well as support for the games in the form of donations or further word-spreading.

All sorts of genres are covered by The Free Bundle’s offerings, with the latest run touching on 2D exploration, 3D racing, a sports/combat hybrid, an arena shooter/real-time strategy blend, and a horror game reminiscent of 16-bit era classics. If you missed the first Free Bundle’s offerings, there’s a link to that grouping on the current bundle’s main page, where Nitronic Rush, Ascension, Celestial Mechanica, Imscared, Abobo’s Big Adventure, and Treasure Adventure Game are all up for grabs.

If you’ve any ideas for free games they may have overlooked, The Free Bundle crew are always looking for suggestions for future bundles, so feel free to hit them up via the contact information on their site.