It’s the gift that keeps on giving; PlayStation Plus is offering even more incentive for you to buy into their premium service.

The limited promotion, ending on the 4th of March, offers you three extra months of PlayStation Plus when you buy a year’s subscription to the service.


If you are already part of the service the PlayStation Blog assures that you can still take part in this promotion: “those of you who are already reaping the benefits of PlayStation Plus are in luck—you can stack your membership to take full advantage of this great offer!”


Check out the Playstation Blog for the latest on what it can offer you, alternatively check out Allan Muir’s story if you live in Europe.


For those who aren’t aware PlayStation Plus is a value for money service that offers players exclusive discounts on a variety of media, exclusive access to multiplayer betas and an instant game collection.


Not only will this apply to the PlayStation 3 but also the Vita and your Plus membership will carry over providing you are using the same PlayStation network account.