The Revolution DLC Pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops II
released today for the XBox 360, bringing a new weapon, new game mode, and four new multiplayer maps along with a new zombie map.

Right as I started player after finishing the 1.86 GB download, I saw almost everyone using the Peacekeeper SMG, and for good reason. While the gun is a complete work of fiction, it has still managed to quickly become a player favorite, being essentially an SMG/assault rifle hybrid. With great mobility and range, the only thing lacking in the Peacekeeper is close-quarters stopping power.

Out of the four new multiplayer maps, only one seems to bring any thing new and exciting to the table. This map is called Downhill, and it is set in the French Alps. Seeing and being able to get hit and killed by the ski lifts adds a bit of extra fun to the game, but otherwise it sticks to the tried and true method of having a main, middle lane and two side lanes, with some small pathways in between for flanking purposes. There is nothing new about Hyrdo, Grind or Mirage. We have seen these maps before in previous Call of Duty games, just with different graphics. The entry and exit points all feel way too familiar, and while they all draw from possibly the best FPS map of all time (de_Dust2), they, in no way, replicate the fresh experience that the map brought every time you loaded up Counter-Strike: Source. There is one pretty cool thing that I did notice about Grind, though, and that is how the game looks like it was ripped out of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, but gameplay wise, it is still same-old-same-old Call of Duty.

Turned is a fun twist on the typical Zombies mode that has come in all Treyarch Call of Duty games since World at War. It is very similar to the zombie mod of Counter-Strike games and the custom game that was popular in Modern Warfare 3. If you kill the only human, then you become the only human, trying to stay alive as long as possible. This mode is definitely fun with a bunch of friends, and probably will not get old near as quickly as the typical multiplayer modes.

As for the new Zombies map in Revolution, Die Rise, a funny play on words set in Taiwan, brings a very new experience to the mode. The vertical aspect of the map, from broken elevator shafts, to standard elevators, to upside down skyscrapers, make this map very fun to run around and shoot zombies on. Die Rise also brings a new enemy to the table, called a Minion. Minions looks like Denizens, but can teleport short distances and pick off the unsuspecting rather easily.

Overall the additions to the multiplayer mode that the Revolution DLc brings leave a lot to be desired in terms of new maps, but the Peacekeeper SMG and the new Zombies mode and map are the saving graces of the pack. If you are at all into Zombies mode or just have to have the new gun, this is certainly worth the money, if not, you might as well pass.