Dead Space 3 game producer Steve Papoutsis published a dev blog today on the official Dead Space 3 page on EA’s website outlining a few exciting details for the upcoming survival-horror threequel.

In the lengthy blog post (which you can read for yourself here) Papoutsis talked about a variety of different features that will make Dead Space 3 stand out from the previous two games. He mentioned the previously announced Mass Effect 3-inspired N7 suits for Isaac and Carver that players can unlock simply by having a Mass Effect 3 save on their system as well as the day-one availability of special DLC suits with names such as “Marauder” “Sharpshooter” and “Tundra Recon.”

He also talked about scavenger bots, special automated bots that Isaac and Carver will find during their journey which will help with gathering resources (the game’s currency) which can in turn be used to create and upgrade their weaponry. He also confirmed the availability of DLC “Resource Packs” which are purchased for real money and can speed up the process of creating more powerful guns but was quick to clarify that Resource Packs can be attained through in-game means as well.

Lastly, Papoutsis touched on the not one, but *four* extra game modes players can unlock after beating the game once. New Game+ is as it sounds: a new game that carries over all unlocked weapons and upgrades. “Classic” mode is a throwback for Dead Space 1 fans in which co-op is disabled, new guns can only be made from pre-assembled blueprints, and a “classic” method of aiming is used.

“Pure Survival” mode removes all ammo, weapon, and health pickups from the game and makes enemies only drop resources, forcing the player to make tense and difficult choices whenever they visit a crafting station; do you spend your precious resources on a new weapon or character upgrade? Or do you blow them all on life-saving med-packs and plasma cores? Papoutsis hailed Pure Survival mode as the go-to mode for classic survival horror/resource management fans.

Lastly there’s “Hardcore” mode which sounds like it will more than live up to its intimidating name. Unlike Dead Space 2’s Hardcore mode which merely limited the total number of times you could save, Dead Space 3’s Hardcore mode gives you one single precious life and that’s it; if you die even once in Hardcore mode you get booted back to the very beginning of the game. Papoutsis was naturally mum on details regarding what sort of reward a player would earn for beating the game on Hardcore mode but I’d imagine it consists of more than just an achievement/trophy.

Papoutsis ended the blog post with one last tease for fans, hinting that there will be post-launch story-related DLC for Dead Space 3. He wouldn’t give any details (else it wouldn’t be much of a tease, now would it?) but he did say it was a “top secret additional story” and that it will be “disturbing” (as any Dead Space DLC ought to be).

Source: Joystiq



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