According to Swery, a Deadly Premonition follow-up may be in the works.

While talking about Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut, game director Swery has interest in a follow-up to the game that has gained a cult following. Specifically, a Deadly Premonition follow-up set in Europe.

While talking to the European PlayStation blog Swery said the following, “I’m in discussion with Tomio [Kanazawa, producer] about the future of Deadly Premonition. It may not be Deadly Premonition 2 but it’s definitely going to be something. At the moment we’re talking about how it might be interesting to set the game in Europe.”

When asked about London Kanazawa said “No, the countryside. Hitchin, for example. I’ve lived in Hitchin for many years as I’ve been working with Rising Star Games. When I first started living there, there was no entertainment – I could find nothing. But I have come to love it over time – so I recommended it to Swery!”

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut releases in Europe on April 19th and launches in the US on April 30th.

Source: Eurogamer European PlayStation Blog