Indie bundle stalwarts Indie Royale are back once again with their five-game Evolution Bundle.

Returning, as usual, with a quality selection across several genres, this latest Indie Royale compilation features puzzle platformers Unmechanical and OIO, brief horror game The Path, a platform adventure by the name of Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory, and Fatshark’s post-apocalyptic dungeon crawler Krater. Anyone who goes in for this batch at the ever-growing minimum price will also get soundtracks from The Path and Sugar Cube, along with some additional, downloadable content for Krater, while those who contribute $8.00 or more will make off with the album slipstream, from WipEout veteran CoLD SToRAGE.

Sugar Cube, OIO and Unmechanical both appear to be early, albeit impressive, efforts by their respective developers, while The Path’s Tale of Tales and Krater’s Fatshark both have more prominent pedigrees. French dev team Tale of Tales has created several short, experimental titles besides The Path across multiple platforms, many of which are downloadable from their website. Fatshark, on the other hand, got their start with the acclaimed sequel to Bionic Comando Rearmed, and are also responsible for the oft-overlooked, team-based shooter Lead and Gold, top-down puzzler Hamilton’s Great Adventure, and, most recently, the historical battle simulator War of the Roses.

As with other Indie Royale bundles, purchasing this bundle under the same email as any other Indie Royales you may have purchased will go toward your overall collection, which is kept at a central website and can unlock bonus games and music if you hit them up regularly. The Evolution Bundle will be available for purchase until mid-day, February 8.