Could the PlayStation 4 announcement be right around the corner?

Today Sony posted a teaser trailer on their Facebook page with a simple message “See the future”. The trailer shows a bunch of lightning, the iconic PlayStation controller symbols, and of course a date. Mark your calendars for February 20th, 2013.

Of course this could just be hype for a coming PlayStation product but since Sony and Microsoft are set to unveil their next-gen consoles this year we expect it’s something along those lines. Right now signs point to something other than a PlayStation 4 announcement; we still don’t know what Sony is doing with the streaming service Gaikai, whom they bought last year. Could this be the announcement of a game streaming service for the PlayStation 3? Maybe the lightning in the trailer is supposed to be some kind of hint? The teaser trailer is located below.

Last week Kaz Hirai stated that they would wait until Microsoft showed of the next Xbox until they made a PlayStation 4 announcement. Since we have yet to see anything from Microsoft, or even be teased, it’s possible that this might not be the PlayStation 4 announcement we all hope for. According to IGN “The PlayStation meeting will be about the future of the PlayStation business.” statement also kind of negates the possibility of a PlayStation 4 announcement.


Technically this could be an event about upcoming games and exclusives as opposed to a PlayStation 4 announcement. Then again why would they say “see the future” unless it had something to do with the PlayStation 3’s successor? As of right now details are pretty slim but we are crossing our fingers we get to see the next PlayStation console.

Source(s): IGN

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