A few weeks back developer Take-Two Interactive had acquired the rights to the WWE gaming franchise after THQ filed for bankruptcy and auctioned off all of its assets.


This acquisition was seen by many gamers and analysts as a saving grace of the franchise. In recent years, The WWE series has been mega hyped, but has never lived up to the lofty expectations.


As owners of 2K Games and Rockstar Games, Take-Two is certainly not a jobber when it comes to having massive success in the gaming industry. Over the years Take-Two has taken part in developing franchises such as Grand Theft Auto, Bioshock, Borderlands, Red Dead, Max Payne and also best selling sports titles like NBA, MLB and NHL.


With many resources and developers in its back pocket, Take-Two has all the tools necessary to craft WWE into an unstoppable champion ala CM Punk(Best In The World Baby). Here are some ideas that I believe if Take-Two utilizes, will not only lead WWE on The Road to Wrestlemania, but also on the road to critical and commercial success.


The first move Take-Two should make, would be adding a “My Player” aspect to the next WWE game. If any of you have ever played a 2K Sports game, you would know how fascinating and addicting My Player mode can be. Yes, past WWE games may have had a career or Road to Wrestlemania mode, but eventually both modes got repetitive and stale. I could just imagine having your created Superstar or Diva start out on the Indie scene and having to wrestle a few tryout matches for WWE talent scouts. Depending on your success in the matches and completion of in match challenges, you could either be sent to FCW(Florida Championship Wrestling) or NXT. You would be able to build up your Superstar or Diva with skill points earned for winning matches, completing challenges,goals etc. Once your Superstar or Diva reaches a certain plateau, they would be called up to the Main Roster. The Main Roster is where you would steer your career in whichever direction you desire, while also completing goals and milestones that would get you closer to being inducted in The WWE Hall of Fame.



2K Sports has always done a fantastic job of doing roster updates for its games. With that said, I would like to see roster updates for future WWE titles. I honestly think it was ridiculous that THQ submitted us into paying for Superstars and Divas who were already established on the Main Roster(Ryback, Antonio Cesaro, AJ Lee), while Divas like The Bella Twins, Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix and Kharma who are in the game, are no longer with The WWE. It would be refreshing to see roster updates every 2 or 3 weeks. Along with adding and subtracting Superstars and Divas, they could make updates to the characters in game appearance. Throughout the year, you will see various different shirts and outfits from those within the WWE. Off the top of my head, I can think of 3 different shirts John Cena has worn since WWE 13 has debuted in October. This year for NBA 2K13, new jerseys were added for specific teams. If 2K can add jerseys then I feel it should be no problem to add new shirts and attire for the Superstars and Divas.



One small suggestion I have for Take-Two, would be to move the release date of the WWE games from October/November, to the week before Wrestlemania. This would no longer interfere with Take-Two’s major release in October(NBA 2K13), but it would also lead to more sales as wrestling fans would be in the Wrestlemania mood.


The final addition Take-Two can make to future WWE games would be better online servers. The past couple WWE games have been almost virtually unplayable due to the poor online functionality. The servers were plagued with problems. They were constantly down and when they were available they more than likely going to crash. Due to these putrid online conditions many were deterred away from online play, which drastically decreased the game’s replay value. The use of online connection allows gamers to not only grapple it out in the ring, but also display what they’ve created in the game. Gamers can upload their created superstars, video clips, arenas, finishing moves, and other wrestling related works of art.


The online community in WWE games could be great if the right developers were behind it all, and finally, I think we found who we were looking for all along.

If Take-Two utilizes some of these suggestions, there’s no doubt that WWE will once again become The King of the Ring