Physical media, that is. For those who missed out on Double Fine‘s initial partnering with The Humble Bundle for their latest Amnesia Fortnight jam, a second chance at the jam’s results is coming your way.

For $30, a special edition, two-disc set can be pre-ordered at Double Fine’s online store, with an additional $15 netting you a bonus slipcover depicting one of the jam prototypes, signed by that prototype’s project lead, and for the big spenders, $70 will get you the box set and all five slipcovers. Regardless of which edition you prefer, this set comes with all five game prototypes offered in the original bundle (Hack’n’Slash, Spacebase DF-9, The White Birch, Autonomous, and Black Lake), as well as the bonus prototypes (Brazen, Costume Quest, and Happy Song) initially offered to those who donated over a certain amount during the Amnesia Fortnight. Also included are the official Amnesia Fortnight 2012 soundtrack, and a Blu-ray disc full of documentary material on Double Fine produced by 2 Player Productions.

Should the trappings of the material world not be particularly tantalizing, a mere $9.99 will suffice for both DRM-free download and Steam versions of everything on the discs, minus the fancy case and fancier slipcovers. Such a code also comes with the physical version, for those who enjoy access to their goodies from wherever they log-in or in the case of some tragedy befalling their purchase. Either version is a great look behind the scenes of one of the more imaginative and unique game studios around today, and a worthwhile investment for Double Fine fans and aspiring game-makers alike.

Source: Double Fine Productions