Many sites are reporting PlayStation 4 details after the announcement was teased by Sony yesterday.

I’d like to remind everyone that all of the details listed in this article are all rumors, so take them with a grain of salt. Edge has reported that the dual shock controller will be redesigned to an extent but not completely changed. The controller will be about the same size as a dual shock but instead of having start and select buttons, there will be a touch pad. The touch pad will be similar to the back touch pad on the PlayStation Vita and will have the home, start, and select buttons on it. Rumors are circulating that there will also be a share button on it that will allow users to share, and upload screen shots and videos with each other. Users would also be able to upload videos and screenshots to their various social networks.

playstation 4

Not the real console but it looks cool

Inside sources reportedly also told Polygon that the console will indeed ship this year alongside the next Xbox before the holiday season in the US and Japan. The console would also launch in Europe early 2014. The sources also told Polygon that the coming PlayStation event on February 20th 2013 will be where Sony finally unveils the console. Polygon also reports that the console will come with a new and improved version of the PlayStation eye, and that the Move controller will be available at launch. We still don’t know if the PlayStation Move will be included in the box however.

For now we know almost nothing about the PlayStation 4, but hopefully Sony sheds some light in the coming weeks about the console.

Source(s): Edge, Polygon, IGN

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