Perfect World and Cryptic’s massively multiplayer take on the timeless sci-fi juggernaut, Star Trek Online, is having a birthday party, and you’re invited!

In honor of cruising along at impulse speed for a third year now, players of Star Trek Online are being offered a special mission on both the Federation and Klingon sides of affairs, entitled “Temporal Ambassador” and featuring the voice of Star Trek: The Next Generation star Denise Crosby as her in-show character, Tasha Yar. Upon completing the mission, members of Starfleet will receive an Ambassador class support cruiser; Next Generation fans will recognize this as the class represented by the third Enterprise, NCC-1701-C, in the episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise.” Klingon representatives get a Kamarag Battle Cruiser, which provides a happy medium between the Bird Of Prey class’ maneuverability and the durability of more standard Battle Cruisers. Both rewards also come with upgraded “retrofit” versions, which will unlock for players upon their reaching a level where they can command Tier 5 ships. More detailed information on both rewards can be found here.

Alongside this celebratory mission, which runs until Valentine’s Day, Star Trek Online has compiled an infographic covering the history of the game thus far, starting with a timeline and covering everything from player stats to voice talent. If you ever wanted to know how many tribbles had been found on ships in-game, check it out for yourself.

Should you want to get in on the action, Star Trek Online has been free-to-play for the past year, and can be downloaded from the Star Trek Online homepage, or via Steam. Keep in mind that you will need a Perfect World account to play regardless of your download source, which you may already have if you’ve played RaiderZ, Blacklight: Retribution, Champions Online, Rusty Hearts, or either of the Torchlight games.