A trio of Metroid-themed LEGO sets, designed by user Zurtech, have surfaced on the LEGO CUUSOO website for your viewing pleasure and seeking support to make them a reality.


Designed using the LEGO Digital Designer utility, Zurtech has taken great pains to ensure as many pieces as possible already exist in shapes and colors currently manufactured by LEGO. This could be due in part to a Legend of Zelda-themed set’s rejection last year, upon LEGO’s determination that the creation of new molds for some of the pieces would not be cost-effective. He also goes into elaborate detail as to what new designs would have to be added to existing bits, in paint or decal format.

The three sets thus far show a small laboratory scene, Mother Brain in her holding tank, and Samus’ ship, all of which would be accompanied by figures of Samus and the parts to make some of the titular Metroids. Video games have seen success through the LEGO CUUSOO program already, with a batch of Minecraft sets being the third project on the site to see production. The rejected Legend Of Zelda project seems to have resurfaced as well, with a scaled back proposal to improve its approval chances, and a focus on the Twilight Princess iteration of the series.

Source: Destructoid