Just recently, an ongoing exchange on Twitter in regards to possible racism in the dialogue of Borderlands 2 character Tiny Tina, between Mike Sacco, a contractor for Cryptozoic Entertainment, and Gearbox writer Anthony Burch, was covered by our very own Allan Muir. As of today, Sacco’s contract with Cryptozoic has ended.

While the argument remained more civil than most internet debates tend to, aside from at least one less-than-savory exchange (warning: strong language) with someone pointing out the racist potential of Sacco’s initial “black lingo” terminology, the affair was enough for Cryptozoic to request that the creative developer for the World of Warcraft card game cease all discussion of the issue. After a long series of tweets by Sacco himself, as chronicled by Kotaku, it came to light that he had quit in the face of the request.

Cryptozoic has gone on record as being surprised by the resignation, and stated they liked Mike, suggesting there was no ill will towards his decision to leave. Mike Sacco has declined to comment to any sources who have attempted contact beyond statements already made on his Twitter account, citing legal reasons for his relative silence.

Source: Destructoid