In the latest Halo Bulletin over on Halo WaypointHalo 4 lead campaign designer Jesse Snyder challenged players to further explore the game’s campaign mode, mentioning that it “contains many secrets left undiscovered.”

Apparently, 343 Industries followed the lead of their predecessors at Bungie, slipping many an Easter egg and secret in amongst Halo 4′s sprawling campaign levels, and SPARTANs the world over have either not been quite explorative enough or grew too busy in the game’s thriving multiplayer scene to find all of them. As of the aforementioned bulletin, the Waypoint crew have begun slipping hints into posts as to where these hidden gems may be found, with the first three allegedly being in the campaign’s Requiem, Forerunner, and Midnight missions. More precise hints can be found, in the form of cryptic poetry, after the bulletin’s matchmaking update details.

Halo Waypoint forum users have been encouraged to post their findings on the bulletin’s discussion thread, with the promise of a little something for those who uncover anything of note. Thus far, at least two of the clues seem to have already been addressed, though the mystery on Midnight has yet to see the light of day.

What’re you waiting for, SPARTAN? Boots on the ground! Go go go!

Source: VG24/7