Wizard Words is a typical word game where players spell words for points.

In Wizard Words, there are two game modes, an aptly named “Spell Mode” and a Timed Mode. Both modes require players to spell words for points out of an available eight letters. After a word is spelled, the letters change. There are also letters, which if used, either double or triple the score of the word. A green bar sits above the available letters and shows the time left to the player to spell a word.

Timed mode is fairly simple, where there are three minutes given to the player to score as many points as they can.

Spell Mode gets a bit more complicated, but only slightly. There is no set time that the games can last, but time can run out if players take too long to figure out a word to spell. Time is given to players when they spell a word correctly, and the amount is based on the points said word is worth.

Both modes also have a high-score table, but this is local. There is no Facebook integration that many people have grown accustomed to seeing in mobile games.

Wizard Words does not bring anything new to the table in terms of spelling games, which is probably the worst aspect of this game and the biggest mistake by developer, Flaming Mitten Studios. There was the opportunity to play the magic side of the game’s name a little more with both graphics and gameplay. This is where the developer, failed in my opinion, allowing the game to stay just an average time-passer.

There could have magic spells that you pick up when using certain letters, giving different sorts of power-ups. There could even be power-downs, where the wizard makes some of your available letter invisible.

Honestly, there are many more unique word spelling games that deserve your time.