Yesterday following the release of a now infamous screenshot showing the final clear time of a single clear on normal difficulty of Metal Gear Rising: Revengance (MGR). The screenshot which seems to have appeared on this Polish site first. The image quickly went viral causing a bit of a stir as people got very upset at the perceived lack of longevity in the game.


The infamous screenshot

It eventually was brought to the attention of Atushi Inaba of Platinum Games, the producer of MGR. He said  “For every chapter it only counts your best efforts” via twitter. He went on to explain that this does not include wasted attempts that end in your death or you restarting from last checkpoint. It also does not include time spent in cutscenes (This being a Metal Gear game that might be a significant oversight!). Additionally, based on my experience of the demo there are sections in which you are in conversations that exist outside of the assessed sections (at the end of every section your efforts are graded).

Additionally this screenshot shows all of the statistics that the game tracks. Showing that the game’s designers really took the cutting theme to heart tracking the number of total cuts made in addition to kills, beheadings, and the various flavours of dismemberment available to the player.

The demo for Metal Gear Rising is currently available on the PSN and Xbox Live for download  and the full version of the game is due for release next week.


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