Yesterday Chris Erb wrote an article on rumors that alleged that the single-player campaign was outsourced. Today, Sega has responded to those rumors. More appropriately denying them.

“Absolutely not,” said Sega of America Senior producer Matthew Powers when talking to Playnews. “The game has been developed by Gearbox Software.” He then added. “Other studios [like Timegate] helped Gearbox on the production of single and multiplayer.”

After Randy Pitchford said Gearbox worked on 80 percent of the game and Timegate did “20-25″ percent a moderator on the Timegate official forums suggests otherwise. “I thought TimeGate worked on the MP component, but I was wrong,”said poster Rossinna-Sama. “[I] messaged a few people in TG and found out that TG basically had a hand in everything.

“They are responsible for the weapons, the characters, some of the story, a fair amount of the aliens, and I don’t mean conceptualisation, they did the actual work of making said weapons and so on.

“Technically they did work on the MP component, just not in the way I initially thought.”

Rossinna-Sama added, “The game underwent a lot of changes so TG doesn’t actually know how much of their content is left,”. “Some had the estimate that 50 per cent of what you see in the campaign is their work, others wanted to see for themselves and would get back to me after playing the game themselves.”

Aliens Colonial Marines launched yesterday to mostly negative reviews.

Source: Eurogamer