When THQ’s assets were sold many franchises were auctioned off. One of them was the WWE game franchise THQ had been putting out for over a decade. Now it appears Take-Two will assume those duties.

Bloomberg is reporting that Take-Two is saving THQ some money for taking the WWE license as it could’ve added about $30-60 million to THQ’s debt. This is due to “very large damage claims”. WWE and Yukes were both seeking very large claims from the now defunct publisher.

If all goes well, the contracts that both Yukes and WWE had with THQ will simply end and news ones will be drawn up at Take-Two.

Take-Two had the following to say:

“We can confirm that we have entered into an agreement to publish the WWE video game series that is developed by Yukes,” they said this in an interview with Polygon.

“At this time, the agreement is pending court approval and we anticipate that it will be finalized shortly. We are very excited about the potential of this agreement and will have more to share at the appropriate time.”

We here at VGU reported on Take-Two buying the license back when THQ was auctioning off its assets but as of now Take-Two is officially the publisher and right holder for the WWE Games license.

Source: VG247