The graphics issues with Aliens: Colonial Marines have been well documented through countless posts on countless websites. One modder is already aiming to change that with a DirectX 10 graphics mod for the game.

By default, Aliens: Colonial Marines (which I gave an F to) runs on DirectX 9 even though the latest version is 11. However, modder TXH555 of ModDB, a popular database of PC game mods, has altered the game files allowing the game to make use of DirectX 10 detect all video cards as high end ones.

According to the mod’s author, lights and shadows will look more realistic, and the muzzle flash on guns with be much smoother. In general, most of the graphics should look smoother because the game is running on an upgraded graphics library is unlocking all of the possible graphics options by tricking it into thinking the video card is rated a 5/5 in terms of power.

Of course, this mod is useless if you have bought the console version of the game, but if you’re a PC player and still haven’t given up on Aliens: Colonial Marines, be sure to give this new mod a shot.

UPDATE #1: It has come to my attention that this mod that I have reported on may not actually be enabling DirectX 10, but just enabling some hidden graphics features. I will be investigating the claims as to whether this mod is making false claims or not and report back.

UPDATE #2: While this mod does enable DirectX10 during play, the game itself does not run in DirectX 10 mode, it does still make the graphics look a little better depending on the resolution played out. The higher the resolution  the more benefits can be noticed.