Bungie’s new first-person shooter game Destiny has garnered a lot of hype since it was first revealed to be in the works and now Bungie has given gamers a glimpse into the next ten years of the company’s future. But what can we make of the information that has been given to us and what can we expect from this new franchise? We asked the VGU.TV staff and here is what they had to say.

Josh Mobley

Media Director

Before hearing anything about Destiny it wasn’t really on my radar. Sure I knew it existed and that Bungie was developing it but I didn’t think it would be anything more than a sci-fi shooter. After reading and seeing everything I have today, I am much more excited about Destiny. The details are still a little vague but so far from what we’ve heard Destiny aims to be something original and fresh.

We know only a little bit about the story but it’s hard to say whether or not there will even be a single player mode. Rumors around the net are that Destiny is a game that requires you to be online the entire time. So is it an MMO? According to Bungie it isn’t but it sure sounds like one. The multiplayer consists of an open world to explore that is based of our our solar system. You’ll be able to travel between planets and meet up with other players in the galaxy in order to complete quests and fight baddies.

The more I think about it the more it sounds like a mix between Borderlands and Planetside, although Bungie didn’t really say if there would be PVP in the game or not. If there is a single player mode we can almost expect that it will have a co-op mode based on the nature of multiplayer and Bungie’s long track record of putting co-op in most of its games. However, I don’t think the multiplayer will act like like an open world, I believe that you may go on missions and other players might randomly show up much like in the PSN game Journey. The single player and multiplayer modes could be basically the same thing which would explain why the game would require you to be online at all times.

Bungie also hasn’t clarified what consoles it will be available for at launch. Since the game is being published by Activision we can pretty much guess that it will be available on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Developers over at Bungie also pretty much ruled out a Wii version, but did say it could possibly come to the PC. But even after the recent reveal, we don’t know the consoles, could this be because the consoles it will be available for haven’t been announced yet? I personally think that we will see Destiny at the end of this year and it will most likely be a next-gen title. I wouldn’t be surprised if Destiny launches alongside the PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox.

Scott Peltz

Executive Editor- PC

While the team at Bungie is known these days as the creators of the system-defining series Halo, they’ve actually been around for a good long while. While it’s true they have made non-shooters in the past (namely the criminally underrated series Myth) sci-fi shooters are decidedly their bread and butter at this point. From Marathon to Halo, and now on to Destiny, Bungie has established itself as one of the strongest developers of first-person shooters in the mix.

Destiny is an interesting prospect. The information out there now doesn’t reveal a lot about the project, but it lays down a path that opens up the door to speculation, and generating gossip is something Bungie has excelled at time and time again. The ViDoc shown off recently tips some useful hints at the direction Bungie is taking Destiny, such as what appears to be persistent online play, but they insist it’s not an MMO. At least one sequence is shown from the first-person viewpoint, but it’s clear that this not Halo. It seems like it’ll be landing somewhere in between, and as somebody who doesn’t tag himself as a Halo fan, Destiny has gotten my attention.


It’s clear that Bungie doesn’t just want this to be the next big thing from Bungie, but the next big thing period. It’s hard to say exactly what I want from it given the limited amount of concrete information available, but I know what I don’t want: Halo. As I mentioned before, Bungie has been around for a while, and Halo was not its first rodeo, but it was the company’s biggest success. So long as the team doesn’t crumble under the hype train and stick too closely to what got them here, I’ll be on board. Assuming they release it on the PC, that is!

Zac Davis

Executive Editor- Xbox

Destiny is looking to be Bungie’s attempt to be a pop-culture phenomenon a la Star Wars, but I think that it will fall short of its lofty goal. That is not to say that I am doubting that Destiny will revolutionize what people expect from games, bringing a Guild Wars-style world to first-person shooters, but being on consoles only will most likely limit the audience that can be obtained. I can see a hybrid sort of MMO and an FPS coming from this company working, just not on the broad scale that the current hype is projecting.

Nate Gamer

Executive Editor- Nintendo

The most important aspect of Bungie’s next game is going to be its sense of place. After creating the rich world of Halo, it stands to reason that Destiny will place a heavy emphasis on its universe. The fall of mankind, the aliens that have taken over human territory, and the giant orb hanging low over the planet are all big ideas that hope to intrigue players and draw them in. Since the Destiny project is set to last a full decade, it stands to reason that players will be unlocking the mysteries of this universe slowly but surely, one game at a time. According to the developers, “It has a nature that we don’t totally control.” What this means exactly is still up in the air, since it could be referring to any number of things. Will we see more emergent sandbox gameplay ala Halo? Or will the story itself mutate depending on how the player progresses through it? There are a lot of unknowns still, but we can be certain of two things: 1) the first-person gameplay will be tight and responsive, and 2) there will be some beautiful skyboxes to admire as we blast holes through the alien menace. I can’t wait!

That’s what our staff thought of the news but what do you think? Are you excited for Destiny or is this going to fall off your radar? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums.