Sony registered some new online domains that all have the term PlayStation Cloud in them. Is it the name of a new service, or the PlayStation 4?

Sony bought the cloud streaming service Gaikai last year but has been very quiet about what it is working on. We may have the answer now as Sony has registered a few domain names with the term PlayStation Cloud. Now at first glance it seems like this would be the service that will let us stream PlayStation 4 games to our new shiny PS4′s but what if it is more than that?

ps4 controller

Image Courtesy of Kotaku

Could the term PlayStation Cloud actually be the name for the console? The cloud could refer to the fact that Sony plans on letting you access the network wherever you are, and on whatever device. Kotaku reported that users will be able to use lots of new social features that include controlling the console via your phone or tablet while on the go, and being able to buy and download games remotely  Users would also be able to watch people on their friends list playing games. IGN also reported that we might be able to stream PS3 games through the PlayStation Network. Users would also be able to video call other users regardless on the device they are on. It makes sense to call it something like the PlayStation Cloud if it indeed is connected to other devices in the ways it’s been long rumored to. Also the number 4 is apparently a sign of death in Japan, which could prompt a name change. Currently the code name for the PlayStation 4 is Orbis, but obviously that’s not final.

All of these details come right before the big PlayStation 2013 event that is supposed to take place tomorrow. We still don’t know how much the system is going to cost, what it’s called, or what services it might offer. I think there is a good chance that we will know exactly what PlayStation Cloud is tomorrow, be it the PlayStation 4 or a service. Be sure to stick around VGU.TV for all of our coverage of the event.