The Free Bundle, now in its third round of showcasing free indie games, has elected to give CBE Software’s budget title Vampires! a bit of the spotlight as well, in the wake of Lace Mamba Global’s failure to pay funds owed to CBE and several other indie developers.

Due to a blow in income thanks to Lace Mamba Global’s shenanigans, as alleged by developers including CBE Software, Amanita Design (Botanicula, Machinarium), Daedalic Entertainment (Deponia), and Colibri Games (The Tiny Bang Story), The Free Bundle crew has opted to give a helping hand to CBE’s game Vampires! by plugging it at a low, $4.99 price tag alongside their usual offering of five completely free titles. The Free Bundle’s main page has a brief explanation of the situation, and links to a more in-depth article on the accusations. The Cabrera Brothers, who created and run The Free Bundle, see no proceeds from sales of Vampires!, but are merely trying to shed some light on the situation and help a struggling indie get by until this is resolved.

As for the free offerings, this third outing in Free Bundle’s history includes Cube 2: Sauerbraten, a free, multiplayer FPS; sky-diving co-op outing Uberleben, which supports up to seven players; fast-paced, ninja platformer Ninja Senki; Armagetron Advanced, an updated take on the Tron arcade game’s lightcycle mini-game; and Lyle in Cube World, a platform adventure that places the titular Lyle on a quest to rescue his beloved kitty cat. All games are completely free to download and pay, though the creators’ websites are linked from the games’ descriptions, and may accept donations if you enjoy their work. The previous two Free Bundles are also still available, accessible via tabs on a navigation bar above the current outing.