Just when the heat surrounding the mystery of just who made the critical disaster that is Aliens: Colonial Marines, some intrepid researchers have scrounged up resumés attributed to TimeGate Studios employees that tell a different tale than what Gearbox and SEGA may want us to believe.

The resumés, discovered by several fans of the Aliens franchise, make it appear as if TimeGate had a much bigger hand in the development of Aliens: Colonial Marines than Gearbox Software, its supposed developers, and the game’s publisher, SEGA, have been letting on. The employees and their realms of responsibility in regard to Aliens: Colonial Marines are, allegedly, as follows.

  • Nathan Wood, Level Designer, created the bulk of the campaign’s first level, including lighting, layout, event hookups, and combat timing.
  • Robert Harwood, Senior Level Designer, claims to have worked on everything from preliminary lighting and set dressing, to level design, mission and enemy scripting, and even purports to have spearheaded the grossly misleading E3 2011 Colonial Marines demo. This may conflict with some reports that TimeGate scrapped the assets provided them by Gearbox upon being brought on the project, and also leads one to wonder just how things fell so far from such an impressive vision in the first place.
  • Steve Baroski, Lead Level Designer, was brought on to Aliens: Colonial Marines in late 2010, and oversaw around half a dozen level designers working on both campaign and multiplayer maps. He mentions a transition to a consultation role “assisting Gearbox and other developers..” (likely Demiurge and Nerve) “…as they took over principal development” in the beginning of 2012. This would seem to imply Gearbox’s role was fairly limited until the game was only months away from release.
  • Jeff Smith, Senior Software Engineer (and not to be confused with The Frugal Gourmet),  seems to have laid the groundwork for most of the game’s user interface, with further work on various menu systems, and the integration of PlayStation Network and Steam functionality.

While only four resumés’ worth of evidence, all four are rather extensive, detailed, and scattered across various sites in such a way that would make the likelihood of a hoax fairly slim. The efforts detailed in these resumés also corroborates the counter-claims made by alleged TimeGate insiders during the early days of the Aliens: Colonial Marines drama’s unfolding on Reddit. Details still have yet to surface as to the extent of Demiurge Studios’ and Nerve Software’s involvement, but things seem to be fitting less and less into the picture SEGA and Gearbox have painted regarding the development of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Credit: Destructoid