Fans of Funcom’s recently B2P-converted Lovecraftian MMO The Secret World are in for a whole heap of pyramid-scaling and whip-cracking action next month with the game’s sixth major update titled ‘The Last Train to Cairo.”

One look at the update’s official reveal poster makes it pretty clear that Funcom is going for an Indiana Jones-themed vibe but the Indy references don’t stop there. In addition to being sent back in time to Ancient Egypt to battle against the dark god Aten and his minions, players will be able to acquire and wield the all new whip auxiliary weapon. Funcom teases that the whip will allow for area-damage and crowd control attacks such as being able to yank distant foes closer and will even offer group buffs like speed boosts.

A whole new bevy of main and side-quests await players who are eager to take the fight to Aten and his evil prophet Abdel Daoud. Players will have to ally themselves with Said, an enigmatic undead weapons dealer, and the good-aligned Marya as they struggle to keep Daoud and his Atenists from freeing their dark master. The final story-mission even features a frantic battle atop a speeding train!

In addition to the new Ancient Egypt storyline, Last Train to Cairo also brings with it a new 10-person raid that pits players against a massive and devastating monster. Funcom was light on details regarding the encounter other than that it will take place somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean and that “the battle is surely a trap, but will you bite with Jaws of Steel?” (my guess is we’re going to be fighting a giant shark while yelling “smile you son of a bi&#%!!!)

PvP fans will also be happy to hear that Last Train to Cairo will include a completely revamped ranking system for The Secret World’s PvP. By participating in PvP matches, players will be able to accrue “PvP experience” and rank up. Reaching higher ranks will allow players to unlock new exclusive PvP uniforms for their chosen faction.

Finally, Last Train to Cairo will introduce the new Veteran and Recruitment system. For every month that a player has been or currently is a paid subscriber, and for every new person they recruit to the game, they’ll earn points that can be used to purchase exclusive rewards and items.

No exact date was given for the update’s release but it shouldn’t be too long of a wait considering March is right around the corner.

The full announcement can be read at The Secret World’s official website here.

The Secret World Cairo update poster

Source: Polygon