Ubisoft and Nadeo have announced that their ManiaPlanet games will be coming to steam, beginning with the open beta of both ShootMania Storm and TrackMania2 Stadium. Steam users should be seeing both games in the free-to-play category on the Steam store as of now along with TrackMania2 Canyon for $20.

Both games are currently on a 10%-off sale when pre-ordering through Steam as well as through the official website, ManiaPlanet.com.

ShootMania Storm is a fast-paced, competitive shooter that is set for full release on April 10, but developer Nadeo has many updates planned between now and then in order to improve the game based on beta tester feedback. The developers are reportedly using this open beta time to test the ability of servers to handle the large amounts of players expected as well as to refine the game mechanics.

TrackMania2 Stadium will see the return of stadium environments to the TrackMania series that gamers might remember from TrackMania Nations Forever. This latest installment to the series has no set release date yet.

Both games run in the ManiaPlanet environment, which encourages community involvement through modding and level editing as well as competition in a variety of eSports settings.