#YOLOSWAG, a free, indie arena shooter from Aran Koning, bases its waves of enemies on Twitter “hashtag” topics, and lets you fight back against the 140-character bursts of garbage that infect our day-to-day lives.

While simplistic in its visuals, #YOLOSWAG is very functional, and pretty fun for a quick distraction. Purely score-attack in nature, the game can base your opposition on any hashtag you choose, or be defaulted to the current trending topic for those less attuned to the Twitter realm. Upon being defeated, which is inevitable given your limited amount of shots, you’re presented with the actual Tweet that killed you.

Rate of enemy output is actually based on the popularity of the hashtag as well, with the daily topic rarely netting you more than a couple hundred points before your demise, and less popular topics giving you some room to breathe, or perhaps even being boring should they be niche enough. To keep things fair and current, the furthest back you can search for a hashtag is six to nine days.

Aran Koning, whose other games are listed on his page, is a part-time indie developer, primarily known for contributing to game jams, particularly Ludum Dare.

Credit: Indie Games: The Weblog