Halo 4 players who have been getting sick of fragging their opponents in the same old boring multiplayer maps won’t have to wait long before their woes are alleviated. Microsoft and developer 343 Industries have officially unveiled the release date for the game’s third DLC; the Castle Map Pack.

The Castle Map Pack will be available in just a few weeks on April 8. It will include three new maps for competitive multiplayer: Daybreak, Outcast, and Perdition. All three maps will feature expansive vehicle-friendly environments with Outcast in particular being singled out as a perfect place for “frequent Mantis vs. Wraith battles” according to 343.

Along with the map pack, a free title update for the game will also be released on April 8 that includes a new 6-on-6 playlist catering to the three new maps (it will be compatible with other maps as well). The Castle Map Pack will be the third and final map pack included in the War Games Map Pass after the previously released Crimson and Majestic Map Packs. Non-Map Pass holders will be able to pick up the Castle Map Pack for $10.

Source: Joystiq