Respected indie-horror title Lone Survivor isn’t dead yet as it eyes a PlayStation Store release.

Already available on PC and Mac, the ambitious side-scroller picked up a number of award nominations last year, being praised for its atmosphere and soundtrack. The game follows the unnamed survivor of a virus which has transformed humanity into an army of violent mutants. Using his apartment as a hub, the player navigates through the surrounding area searching for food and supplies in a story that weaves between past and present, fiction and reality.

The PlayStation release is set to feature exclusive new content, including items, trophies, dialogue, side-quests and more. “This version really will be enhanced in every way!” said music producer Jasper Byrne. (He might also have created the game…)

If you haven’t already played it, or just can’t get enough, keep a look out for Lone Survivor arriving on PSN in July.