Mode 7 have released the announcement trailer for its new title, Frozen Endzone, the spiritual successor to its acclaimed tactical shooter.

In what looks like a cross between NFL and Tron, Frozen Endzone features the simultaneous-turn-based gameplay that Frozen Synapse is famous for, but this time Mode 7 have replaced the firearms with a football.

The object of the game is to deliver the ball into the opponents endzone, using cover provided by the playing field to strategically plot your moves. (And that’s the cleanest sentence involving ‘ball’, ‘object’ and ‘endzone’ I’ve ever typed.) There will be a single-player campaign and skirmish mode as well as Mode 7′s classic multiplayer.

The British indie developers have also turned up the heat in the graphics department too, with Frozen Endzone sporting some impressive animations and crisp art-style.

Though still far from completion (it won’t be available until 2014), I think Frozen Endzone already looks extremely cool. (something, judging by that pun, I will never be.)

Check out the announcement trailer here, the official site here, and vote for it on steam greenlight here.