Volition, now in the arms of Dead Island producers Deep Silver following the fall of THQ, are bringing out the next chapter of Saints Row’s ever-increasing ridiculousness this August.

Originally intended as an expansion for Saints Row The Third entitled Enter The Dominatrix, the plans for the DLC grew beyond Volition’s original vision, and it was announced the expansion would be built into a full-fledged sequel. Things have been mostly quiet since that announcement as to the game’s status, until today’s release of a teaser trailer.

Deep Silver has also gone on record that they were planning “something big” for PAX East this year. Could Saints Row IV be that thing? With Dead Island: Riptide just around the corner with an April release and Metro: Lastlight¬†starting to sneak back into the spotlight, there’s a good chance Deep Silver’s bringing a booth that’s more undead or underground than unruly. Thankfully, we have all of ¬†a week left to wait and see.

Source: VG24/7