If you’re a DC fan who’s eager to snap up every bit of content being offered in NetherRealm’s upcoming brawler Injustice: Gods Among Us, get ready to break out your wallet once again. NetherRealm announced today that the game will include a Season Pass option when it releases on April 16.

The Season Pass for Injustice will include four new characters who will be unveiled following the game’s release (much like what NetherRealm did with Mortal Kombat). The characters will also be available as separate purchases but getting the Season Pass will grant access to all four characters “for the price of three” according to NetherRealm. Given the pass’s $14.99/1200 MS Point price, it’s safe to assume that means individual characters will cost about five bucks a pop.

In addition to the four new DLC characters, the Season Pass also includes the exclusive “Flashpoint” costume pack which contains new duds for Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Deathstroke based off the alternate New 52 “Flashpoint” arc.

The Season Pass announcement follows closely on the heels of the recent Raven and Black Adam character reveals from earlier this week. NetherRealm confirmed the Season Pass for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Injustice but no word yet on whether the pass will also be available for the Wii U version.

Injustice Season Pass

Source: Joystiq