The most recent PAX East saw the reveal of a surprise new project by Capcom. With the help of WayForward, the NES platforming classic DuckTales will find its way to downloadable console markets this summer.

One of the most revered platform games of the 8-bit generation, DuckTales was the jewel in the crown of Capcom’s fairly long flirtation with Disney. Now, with the help of WayForward, who have handled other retro revisits such as Double Dragon Neon and Contra 4, this classic will be hitting Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and the Wii U eShop in just a few months.

Among some of the details revealed outside of the teaser trailer include a return of several original voice actors from the original DuckTales cartoon cast, including 94-year-old Alan Young as Scrooge McDuck. Disney will also be providing official voice actors for those characters who have seen re-casting in more recent years, such as Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Word has it Disney even suggested WayForward’s involvement in the first place.

While the game seems slated to stay true to form for the most part, the default difficulty level will be a bit easier than the original game to accommodate new players. Harder difficulties will recreate the original experience more faithfully, however. The expanded storytelling capabilities of newer hardware are being exercised as well, with the game getting a more elaborate and comprehensible back story. Some levels are seeing some slight reworking, particularly the last level, but the spirit remains the same, and most of the edits are being done to spice up more monotonous sections of the NES DuckTales.

Those getting the game on the Wii U can look forward to map display on their Gamepad, and full remote play functionality. Whether this is a step toward Capcom finally adding the long overdue Scrooge McDuck to a Marvel Vs Capcom game remains a mystery, but we can hope.