While fan speculation had figured as much out as soon as the trailer for The Phantom Pain dropped, Hideo Kojima confirmed at GDC today that the next entry in the Metal Gear Solid series will combine Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain.

Along with a debut trailer confirming the link, Kojima laid out some of the basic details of the games. Here are some bullet points from the presentation.

  • Photorealism through the FOX Engine seems to be one of the core talking points of the game.
  • The Phantom Pain will be an open world title.
  • Snake awakens from a nine year coma at the start of the game, weakened and lacking much of his former prowess. This is more likely Naked Snake than Solid Snake.
  • A great deal of the in-game assets were generated by 3D scanning of real people and constructed models.

Details are still being revealed regarding the game, but it already looks fairly solid. Hideo also confirmed that Kojima Productions LA does exist as a US-based sister studio to the original Kojima Productions, with a red logo as opposed to the original’s orange. Allegedly, their goal is to become “the top creative development studio in the world.” Judging by the lead-up to this reveal and their history, that may not be an entirely unachievable goal.

UPDATE: According to representatives at Konami, the games are still separate entities, but in conjunction, tell the story of Metal Gear Solid 5, with Ground Zeroes serving as a prequel to The Phantom Pain. Alright, then.

Source: VG24/7