April fools day is really only something that children participate in; you prank your friends into believing things that aren’t actually true. Something strange always happens every year though, the gaming industry has a field day announcing products that aren’t real, or pranking the gaming community into believing announcements that aren’t actually true.

The most famous incident of an April fools joke was when Electronic Gaming Monthly posted screenshots of Sonic the Hedgehog in Super Smash Brothers. They claimed that by completing a series of challenges you could unlock Sonic in the game. Unfortunately for us this was a prank, but for a time after everyone believed it.

Now I’m not bashing a good April fools announcement, they are funny every so often, the problem is that you can always count real news out of the equation that day. Some legitimate news goes out during April fools that gets ignored because people believe it might be a joke. That and it seems strange that this is the only industry that participates in it, why? What is the purpose of it?

You’re not marketing a product, you’re not really promoting your game, and you’re kind of just wasting everyone’s time. Checking the news is part of a lot of people routine, but one day out of the year that routine is ruined by April fool’s. People go to their favorite games site to see something like iPlay announced and they immediately know it’s fake. There is another story on IGN right now about Zombie Batman being in Injustice: Gods Among us, I can’t even tell if this news is real because it’s sitting right next to the iPlay announcement which is clearly not real. April fools day even opens the gate for game sites to invent stories for hits, that’s not journalism, it’s a joke.

Isn’t it about time we retired the whole April fool’s joke within the games industry, isn’t time we just got some real news?