When Mirror’s Edge was on the cusp of being released, it had a lot of hype around it. At the time, first person shooters felt like they were getting stale, but here was something special and new. Mirror’s Edge takes place in a city that is always being monitored. You play as Faith, a runner who specializes in transporting information between sources who do not wish to be monitored. Faith’s sister, a police officer, is framed for a murder she did not commit. It’s up to you to uncover the evidence behind the conspiracy while free running your way through the city. I’m really into dystopian literature and games, and the universe of Mirror’s Edge just seems like something that could be possible in the future,  which makes it fascinating. The staleness of the environment, the constant spying, and the constant fear is all part of the experience. I only wish we really got to know what it was like to be a regular citizen in this universe.

One of the main complaints from critics was that you weren’t always free running and that some of the game took place in confined areas like sewers and office buildings. Honestly though, can you imagine if the entire game took place on roof tops? It would probably be god awful.

You are always in first person in Mirrors Edge.

Mirror’s Edge is fondly admired on the internet by most of the people who played it because it was something unique. It isn’t a game where the prime objective is killing soldiers and progressing to point B, in fact there was an achievement for completing the game without firing a gun. The game was about traversing through the environment as quickly and creatively as possible.

The game was best played on a PlayStation 3 because of the six axis support, Mirror’s Edge is one of the few games on the PS3 where six axis is actually a cool feature to have. Six axis also made the game a bit more challenging because you were forced to use specific gestures in order to roll and counter attack. Of course if you absolutely hate six axis, you can turn it off within the main menu. Another big draw to Mirror’s Edge is the time trail mode, in which you race the clock to get the best score possible. Your score was tallied up and saved on the leader boards, you could even race your friends’ ghosts giving it that extra drive to compete with your friends.

The Environments are stale on purpose.

Everything from the pop song during the credits, to the iconic piano melody, and the style of the architecture reminds you that this is something special. If you’ve never played Mirror’s Edge before you should really give it a go, it’s a unique experience that has never been duplicated or imitated since its release and it’s a game you’ll never forget.