Square Enix is in the process of laying off lots of its employees, something that could have been avoided. When I was younger I was a huge fan of their games, but as this generation has developed I’ve seen the once giant company practically dig its own grave. It’s sad to see people get laid off but honestly it’s the companies fault for shipping products that most gamers don’t even want.

final fantasy xiv

Nobody wanted this…nobody

Let’s take Final Fantasy XIV as an example, was anyone really clamoring for another Final Fantasy MMO? Square was-and still is-supporting Final Fantasy XI, they even shipped an expansion pack last year for it. Why then would you even consider developing, and then completely remaking Final Fantasy XIV, it’s a huge waste of money and time. On top of that you are splitting your audience in half; there are already people who play Final Fantasy XI why do you think it’s a good idea to create a whole different MMO? It’s not like the games are much different, they are going after the same audience. It’s a complete waste of time and money especially since you say that another mistake like this game will ruin the company. Why then are you wasting time even remaking it? You should have cut that game off and left it to die while focusing on other projects that your customers actually want to buy.

final fantasy 7

For the love of god Square Enix, Remake this

You also seem to ignore what your audience has been asking for, and doing the exact opposite. Your audience doesn’t want you to make more Final Fantasy XIII sequels, yet you keep making them. This is coming from someone who actually really enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII, please Square Enix stop making sequels nobody wants them. Your audience doesn’t want more mobile Kingdom Hearts spin offs, they want Kingdom hearts 3. Your audience doesn’t want a re-release of Final Fantasy X as much as they want a remake of Final Fantasy VII.

On top of that you’ve got products that have been in development so long your customers are starting to doubt whether or not we will even get the chance to play them. Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced back in 2006, the year the PlayStation 3 was released. We’ve only heard a little bit about the game so far and it’s been in development literally the entire PlayStation 3 lifecycle, where is this game?! Are you even still developing it? Is it still a PlayStation 3 title? And why are you so silent about it? What could be hampering this development so bad that we’ve had a slower flow of information then a leaky faucet filled with molasses?

final fantasy versus 13

Where is this game!?

Also your corporate offices are really expecting some unrealistic numbers from your games. Tomb Raider is a great example of this, highest selling game in the series, breaks records, sells 3.5 million copies and Square Enix says that it under sold. How is 3.5 Million units undersold? Even if you make 25% of the money of each sale, that’s 52 million dollars. What is going on in your heads that 3.5 million copies aren’t enough? Do the Square Enix higher ups have some serious yakuza gambling debts or something?

Square Enix now is the time, listen to your fans, stop wasting time with products nobody will buy, stop having unrealistic sales projections for your western products, and actually ship the products your fans are asking for. Square Enix, what are you doing!?